THE MAGNOLIA laminated wood pavilion is a hexagon design, and features a 4/12 pitch roof system. EnWood Structures’ unique structural design eliminates the need for a center support column, even in models up to 60’.

The Magnolia, available in 8 standard sizes, is ideal for park and recreational areas, playgrounds, skateparks, community gathering centers, greenways, and private developments.

The Magnolia, like the Timberland shelter is often sold in “clusters” with several large and small shelters placed in close proximity, for facilitating both large and small groups in the same recreational area.

The Magnolia shelter package can be ordered with several distinctive options: metal roof, cupola, benches, rails, steel columns, surface mounted columns. Custom sizes are also available.

Like EnWood’s other recreational shelters, The Magnolia can be partially or fully enclosed for dual use as concession centers, restrooms, storage facilities, administrative space.

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The Magnolia shelter forms a hexagon (six sides) and the size of the shelter refers to the distance across the shelter along the hip beam line which would be the corner to corner width. For example, a 35’ Magnolia shelter measures 35’ corner to corner. Custom sizes are also available.



Pressure treated, prior to gluing, laminated wood columns, 11’ 9” long – to be embedded 3’ 9” in the concrete for stability. The lumber is treated prior to gluing which affords full penetration of the core of the columns. Special 4” annular nails to be “partially nailed” into the portion of the columns embedded in the concrete footings to provide improved anchorage against wind uplift.


Laminated wood hip beams, perimeter beams, and the interior purlin ring beams. Steel connections and bolts that connect the beams to each other and to the columns.

Roof Deck:

2x6 or 2x8” (nominal sizes) #1 grade Southern Yellow Pine wood decking, tongue and groove and end-matched, is nailed to the top of the beams. Galvanized nails to attach the deck to the beams.


2x2” nominal nailers to be attached, nailed, to the roof deck at the eave. The fascia is nailed to the deck and the nailer. Galvanized nails to attach the nailers to the deck.


2x6” pressure treated, #1 grade Southern Yellow Pine, fascia board to be attached at the eaves and gables. Galvanized nails to attach the fascia to the beam ends and the deck.


One layer of #30 roofing felt to be applied on top of the wood deck. 25 yr. 3-Tab fiberglass shingles, standard color Autumn Brown, other color options available upon request.


The standard roof pitch for the Magnolia is a 4/12 pitch. A roof pitch up to 6/12 can be provided.


    The typical design load allows for:

  • 12 pounds per square foot dead load
  • 30 pounds per square foot live load
  • 20 pounds per square foot wind load. (Equates to 100 MPH)

There are variables that affect the design sizes of the members, specifically the columns and the curved beams, and those variables generally include live load conditions that are usually location specific. Building Codes normally dictate the applicable loads to be applied in the member size designs.


As noted in the component list above, the wood columns are fabricated with lumber pressure treated (prior to gluing) with Penta-WR type “C”, at .6 pcf [6 tenths of a pound of preservative per cubic foot of wood] retention for “ground contact”). For applications where the treated member is not in ground contact, the treatment retention is .3 pcf. Fascia boards are treated with pentachlorophenol, and the .3 pcf retention is used. EnWood utilizes the pentachlorophenol treatment because of its premier qualities and the treatment does not discolor the wood and can be stained or painted.

Custom Sizes & Designs Available

Standard Shelter Sizes Available

20' 25'
30' 35'
40' 45'

Suggested Column Embedment

Roof Framing - 45' Magnolia